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  • What should I know before I join?
    If you're interested in the details of club membership, please read through the rest of the FAQ section. You're also encouraged to read our club bylaws. If you have difficulty with the PDF version of the bylaws, please contact a board member listed below to receive a copy in a different format. Financial information, our insurance policy, and maintenance logs are also available at any of our monthly meetings. Meetings are held at the Schaumburg Airport on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:30PM. We encourage prospective members to attend our monthly meetings, but please contact us before attending.
  • Are there any minimum time requirements?
    New members must have at least a Private Pilot's Certificate. There are no other hours minimums but we will have you fly with a club approved instructor to demonstrate proficiency. You don't need to have a high-performance endorsement before joining, but you'll need one before flying the Cessna 182 solo.
  • What does it cost?
    *Equity Investment - Each member purchases a $5,000 equity share when they join. The investment is returned to a departing member upon his or her replacement. *Monthly dues - Each member is responsible for monthly dues at $170 per month. *Aircraft use - The C182S is $135/hr Hobbs wet, and the C172S is $115/hr Hobbs, wet. Billing is handled via the Schedulemaster system, and payments can be sent to the club's P.O. box or made in person at meetings.
  • How do I join?
    Schaumburg Flying Club is currently at full membership with a waiting list to join. If you are interested in being added to the waiting list, please indicate your request by filling in the Contact Us Form.
  • When are the meetings?
    Meetings are held at the Schaumburg Airport on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:30PM. We meet in the meeting room in the basement, but you can usually find some of us in the restaurant upstairs before and/or after the meetings.
  • What about Renter's Insurance?
    Members (co-owners) are "named insured" - you're fully covered when flying club aircraft.
  • I'm a CFI. Can I instruct in the club aircraft?
    The club is not for profit and is not in the business of providing instruction. Since our members can hire any CFI they want for their own instruction, members could hire CFI's who happen to be members. Members who are CFI's can not, however, teach non-members in the club aircraft. Club insurance does not cover persons acting as a CFI.
  • Can I review the bylaws?
    Sure. We have them online here.
  • Now that I'm a member, how do I get a key and start scheduling the airplane?"
    Once our club treasurer has received your check and required documents, we will provide keys to the club's aircraft. A user ID and password will also be provided for our 24/7 scheduling system at
  • What is the check-out process to start flying?
    Depending on your experience, our insurance requires either 5 or 10 hours in type prior to solo. You can accumulate this time with an instructor in our aircraft after joining the club. You can also use the club aircraft to obtain a high performance endorsement if you do not yet have one. The club has 4 instructors who you can work with to meet the time requirement, endorsement, and checkout once you've joined the club.
  • Are there currency requirements to rent the club aircraft?
    You must fly either of our aircraft every sixty days to remain current. To fly at night, you must have flown either aircraft at night within the past 60 days.
  • How do I get in touch with the club members?
    Please use the Contact Us form here.
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